Online Admissions Program

Total Cost: $2900 per grade (6+ classes)/ $525 per class

  • Deposit/Registration: $850 due @ beginning of program
  • Monthly Payment: $ 205 due on 1st of month (10 months)

What is included:

  1. Online Access to classes
  2. Parental Access to gradebook/answer keys online
  3. Hard copy of textbooks and digital copies when available
  4. Official Transcript from CPCS online program

If student lives near CPCS:

  1. May attend weekly chapel services
    (Wednesday-Elementary or Thursday-Middle & High School)
  2. May participate in sports program for a fee – Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading, Tennis, Softball, Baseball, Wrestling, Golf, Cross Country, Track
  3. May participate in elective classes based on grade level for a fee.
    ***Examples include: Choir, Musical Theatre, Fine Arts Competitions, Art class, Culinary, etc…

Contact person at CPCS:

Mrs. Charity Thompson
813-920-3960 x 307

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