The Guidance Department is committed to the academic and spiritual success of each CPCS student. Our goal is to first ensure that each student is prepared to leave CPCS with all of the tools they need to succeed. Our entire academic program is college prep, honors, and AP level. Our students have gone on to CLEP college courses and receive course credit for their high school courses. CPCS is proud to offer many achievement testing opportunities including ASVAB, PSAT, PLAN, SAT and ACT. We strive every day to love each student as Jesus does and to help prepare them for the road to success.

College Websites to Know


Financial Aid:


College Info Sites:

Essay Writing:

Financial Literacy Guides:
Guide to Securing Your Child’s Credit Future
Guide to Securing Your College Student’s Credit Future

Community Service Log
Each student must complete 30 community service hours per year,
for a total of 120 hours, by the end of their senior year.
​Keep a record of your hours on this: Community Service Log