In order to complete the application process, you will need the following required documents and items for application:

  • Official transcripts with translation
  • A completed application form
  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of the bank statement showing that you have sufficient funds for studying in the USA
  • A signed Statement of Financial Support
  • A proof of vaccination for measles
  • A medical liability waiver signed by your parents/guardians
  • Proof of medical insurance
    (can be bought through CPCS once registration is complete)
  • Proof of recent medical examination

After we have received your complete application package and acceptance has been decided, we will issue your I-20 and send it, along with your Letter of Acceptance, for you to take to your local Embassy where you will apply for your Student Visa. Please carefully review your entire application package before submitting it; any missing or incomplete information will delay acceptance at CPCS.

Unless you are planning to live with an adult relative, a home stay will be arranged for you through CPCS. Fees may be paid per semester.

In the unlikely event that you are denied an F-1 Student Visa, $250 of your deposit will be refunded. We require a proof of denial of the visa in order to send the refund.

Upon the receipt of the documents listed above, you will be issued a letter of pre-acceptance, at which time your $600 deposit will be due. You may email documents and fill out the application online. This will help speed up the process of applying for a Student Visa.

Contact Mrs. Charity Thompson if you have any further questions.


Mrs. Charity Thompson
813.920.3960 x 307

Citrus Park Christian School
7705 Gunn Highway
Tampa, Florida 33625 USA